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Garmin "Sidekick" Tracking Collar - Screw Right to your Garmin Collar 
Code: gstc Tell  Print
Sale Price: $115.00
Frequency 216-221: 


Garmin "Sidekick" Tracking Collar

Screw Right to Your Garmin Collar

Shorter version of our Changeable Battery Tracking Collar.  Just the right side to pair with your Garmin Collars. 

Tracking Collar takes a 1/2AA 3.6 volt Lithium Battery.  Also comes with a changeable antenna as well.  So when you need to replace the battery or the antenna you can do it yourself.  No need to ship the collar off.  Round tab magnet is on bottom of case so is held on by the Garmin collar, no need for magnet rubbers.  The magnet rubber you see in the picture is just to keep the magnet in place for the pictures.  Two small screws will attach this tracking unit to your Garmin set up.

Introductory Priced:  $115.00

Please use the drop down menu to order the frequency collar that you need.  If you need a more specific number, please email us that frequency number at midway1@cox.net.




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