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Alpha Combo W/ TT 15-Free Gift for limited Time 
Code: alpha14 Tell  Print
Sale Price: $799.99


For Limited Time--Free Gift with purchase of Alpha Bundle. Free with your purchase you will receive the Magnetic Mount Whip Antenna.  That is a $60 value.  Don't wait get your Alpha Bundle Today.


Magnetic Mount Whip Antenna

Alpha® 100/TT 15 Bundle

Introducing the new TT 15 track and train dog collar, now available individually or bundled with our Alpha 100 handheld. Compared to the TT 10, the TT 15 adds GLONASS satellites for increased signal reception, plus vibration for even more training options. For added convenience and more compatibility options, the TT 15 is also compatible with the Astro® 320 handheld for tracking only.


*IMPORTANT COMPATIBILITY NOTE: The TT 15 and T 5 dog collars are compatible with both the Alpha 100 and Astro 320 handhelds. The TT 15 and T 5 can be configured to operate with either the Alpha 100 or the Astro 320, but they can NOT be operated with the Alpha 100 and Astro 320 at the same time.


ALPHA 100 and TT 15 Offers both tracking and training
ALPHA 100 and T 5 Offers tracking only
ASTRO 320 and TT 15 Offers tracking only; TT 15 offers both tracking and training,
however Astro 320 does not support training option
ASTRO 320 and T 5 Offers tracking only


NEW GPS / GLONASS - Top-mounted, high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver for increased signal reception

NEW VIBRATION - Activates vibration for training
NEW VIRB® CONTROL - Dog collar can start or stop the VIRB recording based on user command from Alpha 100 handheld
NEW ALPHA 100 OR ASTRO 320 Compatible with the Alpha 100 or Astro 320 handhelds
CONTACT POINTS - Includes two lengths (long and short) of replaceable, stainless steel, insulated contact points for reliable performance in wet conditions and
for any coat length
STIMULATION/TONE - Train each dog separately with 18 levels of continuous and momentary stimulation, or tone alerts. Traditional stimulation allows you to
make quick changes (low, medium or high) within a predetermined stimulation level (1-6), whereas linear stimulation allows progressively
more stimulation from levels 1-18
LED BEACON LIGHTS - LED beacon lights on the dog collar controlled by the Alpha 100 handheld for low light conditions or night use; visible up to 100 yards
RESCUE MODE - Prolongs battery life by slowing down the rate at which it updates the Alpha 100
LONG BATTERY LIFE - Includes user replaceable, rechargeable Li-ion battery pack that lasts from 20 to 40 hours per charge
RUGGED / DURABLE - Tough, durable dog device with water rating of 1ATM (10 meters)2
LONG RANGE ANTENNA - Includes flexible 18½” standard VHF antenna, and flexible 22½” extended-range VHF antenna for even more range
REPLACEABLE COLLAR STRAPS - Easily switch out your collar straps with our polyurethane-coated 1” nylon collar straps, available in multiple colors (sold separately)

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